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You get one opportunity to make sure your house is presentable for the on-line world to see.







When your house is ready for the photo shoot

  • It makes the house look great
  • It makes you look great
  • It makes us look great.


  • Have the exterior of the house neat and tidy as we will be shooting both the front yard and the back yard.
  • Mow lawn, edge, rake, pickup tree limbs and rubble. Sweep driveway, sidewalks, porches, decks.
  • Manicure flower beds, pull weeds and dead scrubs.
  • Remove pet waste and cigarette butts from yard
  • Remove construction material
  • Pickup and stow away garden hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, landscape supplies and toys.
  • If you choose not to stow away garden hoses, neatly coil them.
  • Clean exterior windows, you don’t need fancy buckets or special soap. Any large bucket will do. Just add a couple of gallons of water and about a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and you’re ready to go. Wash windows with a Scrubber or Sponge, don’t use a wash towel or brush!. To dry use a good quality Squeegee, for a crystal clear finish. Note: If windows are not clear, the photo outdoor view from inside looking out the window pane will look hazy or opaque.
  • Clean pool area. Pickup cups, glasses, bottles and cans
  • Remove clutter from table tops
  • Wash Tables and Chairs
  • Vacuum pool, skim water surface for bugs and leafs
  • Pressure wash patio, to remove embedded dirt and stains.


  • Clean blinds, A/C return air filter grilles, diffuser air grilles, ceiling fan blades and glass light fixtures.
  • Clean all mirrors, inside windows with Windex, use newspaper for drying.
Note: If outdoor side of windows are not clean, the view looking out will look hazy or opaque.

  • Remove dust from table lamps, vases, chairs
  • Remove all cobwebs throughout home
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs or all bulbs throughout house with new matching Energy Star bulbs.


  • Do not mix bulb types or brands. Incandescent, CFL, LED.
  • For a consistent temperature flow throughout interior, I recommend Energy Star rated bulbs. For light perceived as white with a little yellow, get bulbs with a color temperature rating between 3500 to 4100K. For light perceived as white buy bulbs rated at minimum 5000K “Daylight Bulb” written on box


  • Clean counter tops, sinks, back-splash, oven, microwave, stove top surfaces, exhaust vent hood.
  • Clean dirty grout from ceramic counter tops and back-splash
  • Remove all non-essential items from counter tops and sink.
  • Remove all refrigerator stickers this includes magnets, pictures, calendars, sticky note paper
  • Stow away infant baby toddler portable high chair
  • Remove family photos
  • Tidy up pantry
  • Clean table wear. Plates, glasses, knives and forks to sparkle when buyers open cabinets and drawers.
  • Hang pots and pans on pot & pan hanger or stow away in cabinet


  • Clear table, wax table top, windex glass top
  • Remove children chair cushions
  • Remove family photos, especially young children pictures
  • Some ideas to set a table
  •   1). Three or four candles or one candelabras at center of table
  •   2). Flower vase with flowers in center of table
  •   3). Setting the Tables 101 by Martha Stewart


  • Make up beds, arrange cover with no wrinkles and align cover equally around bed perimeter.
  • Remove all clothes, check under beds, tables and desk for clutter.
  • Clean off dresser, remove all personal items, coin bowl and etc.
  • Clean all mirrors, windows with Windex, use newspaper for drying.
  • Remove family photos, especially young children pictures.
  • Remove trophy’s, stapled posters and stickers.
  • Remove name plaques from door and walls.
  • Framed Art and Paintings would be a nice touch.


  • Clean bathroom counter tops, hot tub surface and soap residue from shower door.
  • The counter top, shower stall and tub should be cleared of all items.
  • Remove all hygiene items from bathroom counters, shower, hot tub and stow away.
  • Clean all mirrors, windows.
  • Clean the runners of your bathroom shower doors.
  • Wash or replace shower curtain


Please do the following before the photographer arrives.

  • Please make sure pets are placed in a secure area before the photographer enters your home. Dogs and Cats, should be placed in a area where they have no line-of-sight of the photographer.
  • Open all blinds, drapes, bedroom doors, half bath door, laundry door except closets.
  • Please turn OFF all TV’s, Computer monitors and Ceiling fans before the shoot.
  • Lights add a soft ambiance to the photos we take. Please turn your lights ON including table top lamps and we will turn them off for you. Please do not turn lights off, close blinds, curtains, storm shutters before photo shoot has completed.
  • Remove any vehicles, boats, trailers, from the driveway.
  • Put trash, recycle cans into the garage, including kitchens.
Important: Please announce yourself before you walk into a room or if you’re passing a room from the hallway. Please wait for the photographer to acknowledge your request before you pass or enter a room.

Thank you for helping us take a beautiful photo shoot of your home!

Email me if you have any questions.

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