Cynthia Tobar

My clients and I always look forward to the professional pictures and virtual tours produced by Wallace Hill. Sellers are always pleased to show off those special areas only a professional photographer can capture…   its in his meticulous preparation in which the pictures help show off those special features. Wallace is able to shoot the best angles, in the best lighting, each bedroom, baths, hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms, pantries, entire ceiling to floor spaces, exterior features, specialty features, stair cases, entry foyers, pools, and so much more. His knowledge of photography, his equipment and ability to photograph homes in such a manner that it creates a desire to buy a home site unseen speaks greatly. I know having him on my team has been a blessing because his pictures and tours help create a bigger desire for buyers to look at, therefore the homes sell much faster…  It is always great to hear buyers say, ‘Just like the pictures, Wow! I know Wallace takes pride in his work and appreciates knowing his ability to take such great pictures is a contribution of a great sales team working with one common goal “Sell your home!”

A Huge Texas Thank You!
Cynthia A. Tobar

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