Debbie Cook

Wallace’s photographs are PHENOMENAL! My listings get much more activity since I started working with Mr. Hill. He knows so much about light and composition of a photo, each individual photograph is a work of art. Put them together in a string and it becomes an interesting tour into a home. My own photos never captured the spirit or essence of a house, he captures every step from the front door throughout the house, in sequence, so an online shopper can get to know the layout of a home. When I get a listing I tell my Seller to prepare their home to be photographed by going to his website. He includes tips for the Seller to know what will help “sell” their home. The other day I sent the Virtual Tour to my Seller who said “WOW! That made want to buy my own home!!” I hear that a lot, Sellers are so excited and pleased to know that their Realtor cared enough to hire the best!

Thank you Wallace!
You ARE the best!

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